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Welcome to the World of Digital Stationery

As the business world embraced new information technology which became everyday communication tool. CD Printing and DVD Printing is now an everyday reality. By now everyone knows of CD duplication and DVD duplication, as for greater quantities businesses turn to mass production - CD Replication and DVD Replication.

Create your Digital Stationery using Compact Discs (CD)

By using CD as your digital stationery, you can now convey your messages to your clients using graphics and sounds. For something as compact as a CD, its capacity to hold and present information makes it the most powerful communication and marketing tools for any businesses.

Customise your Digital Stationery - Put Your Name and Logo on Your CD!

Pick the CD size that suit you the best, whether it is the standard 12cm or mini disc of 8cm or a CD business card, many organisations have used the CD medium for:

     • Company Profile
   • Capability Statements
   • Sales Presentation
   • Marketing Brochure
   • Product Launches
   • Product Catalogue
   • Clients Proposal
   • Annual Report
   • Corporate Plan
   • Briefing Notes
   • Promotional Packages
   • Investment Proposals
   • Training Courses
   • Seminars Handouts
   • Media Press Kit
   • Speakers Notes
   • Conference Proceedings
   • Video/Audio Presentation
   • Website

The possibilities are endless - it is all up to you!

The REDC Production House offers our clients flexibility, responsiveness and creative input into the CD development and production process. We have the CD production and duplication facilities to produce digital stationery in all shapes and sizes; small quantities (as little as 30 CDs) to 5,000 or more.


We are situated in Adelaide's. REDC Multimedia is printing CD's, DVD's, CD Card, CD-R, CD-Rom & CDR Card. One of the best uses for the CD's and DVD's at the moment is for the conference materials (speaker papers, bio's and presentations), offered at the end of the conference with a book or brochures!

We can help you prepare the presentation or any materials you may have. Our friendly staff will assist and advise you on the design and assembly of you Printed CD/DVD content. We help you present your business on your Printed CD.

REDC Multimedia
Shop 1B, 170 Unley Road
Unley, 5061, South Australia
Ph: (08) 8299 9599

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