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   How Easy is it?
   How do I load the CD Card?

How Easy is it?

We want to make your life as easy as possible by following the 3-Stages Process below.

Stage 1: Before Production

 • We sit down with you and discuss what you want.
 • Decide on the size, shape and quantities of CD that suit your needs.
 • You gather all the materials like your logo, photographs, brochures, documents, video,
    presentation, or anything else you wish to be included.

Stage 2: During Production

 • REDC to work on all the materials you provided include design and integration.
 • Produce the sample CD for your approval.
 • You are happy with it. We then go into the full production mode.

Stage 3: After Production

 • Complete the production run for your CD.
 • Pack and deliver the CDs to you.
 • It's as easy as that! We keep things Simple!

Q: How do I load the CD Card?



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