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REDC Multimedia provides a full range of supporting services to our clients.

We do all or a combination of these services for our clients

  • Multimedia project consultation and coordination
• CD Rom surface design and full colour printing
• CD Rom contents and page layout
• Data integration and navigation
• Production and Duplication of CD Roms in all shapes and sizes
• Domain name registration and development of full internet
• Provide website consultation to businesses

Back Office Support

  • CD Production house for website developers and designers
• CD Production house for organisations with in-house designers
• Back-office support for event organisers for production of CD NameBadge
• Back-office support for website maintenance and information update

CD Production in Multimedia

REDC Production House produces CD to suit individual requirements. You can choose from the combination of different media formats (ie.multimedia):

Digitise and manipulate using existing video footage.
Original pictures, photograph enhancement and manipulation.
Insert good quality sound and music to suit your presentation.
Create 2D and 3D animation and slide shows Text: MS Word or PDF.files, in any font style and layout that you prefer.
Easy-to-use navigation and logical user interface.
Build-in "automatic run" to allow CD to start playing automatically.

Talk to us about your CD requirements and let our creative and development team handle every aspect of your next project.

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